Ishqiya | Episode 11

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So, Hamza threatens that he wouldn’t bring baraat.

Rumi teases Azeem. It is the only fun scene in this episode and Gauhar Rasheed is so effing good in his subdued sharmeela and conservative dulha.

Hamna repeatedly calls Hamza but he doesn’t pick up. At Shaadi hall, everyone including the bride Rumi is anxious. Where the hell are Hamza’s parents? Aren’t they getting ready for baraat? This drama makes little sense, I tell you.

Baraat comes, some more taunts are exchanged and the wedding takes place. Sooo long, sooo boring.

Alishba’s face is shown like a million times, typical Indian soap style.

Hamna’s mother-in-law gives a nice little talk to Hamna, basically saying that “so as we say or else…”.

Hamna is up for a tough ride ahead.

So is Rumi. She had married maniac and her sister-in-law laughs like crazy. God bless that girl!

Shabana Mukhtar

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