Emergency Love | Episode 74

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I stand corrected. Hassan has not forgotten about Abidin. Ehsaan and Murat catch him and take him away. Does it bother Abidin? No. He’s playing with the window glasses – slide up, slide down.

Hassan questions Abidin about Nisan..he accidentally saves Hassan’s life. Hassan gifts him a restaurant. Just like that!

An angry customer is about to leave and Abidin brings his A game to calm her. He can tame an angry woman and run a restaurant. Impressive!

Ayla’s friend Chanda is in the hospital for tonsils and Ayla tries very hard to hide her relationship with Berzan. Berzan, the angry young doctor gets upset, again. He flirts with Chanda, making Ayla jealous.

Scared of Kinan, Nisan is avoiding Sinan. By the way, these similar sounding names confuse me. Anyone else?

Shabana Mukhtar