Ishqiya | Episode 7 | Loud & Boring

Time to review Ishqiya episode 7.

This episode was annoyingly loud and predictable.

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.


Rumi storms downstairs ready to yell at Principal’s son, who she assumes has come with his proposal. She is obviously unprepared to meet the guests. Hamza and his family seems spellbound by her beauty.

Rumi is extremely happy with the proposal, too eager to marry the handsome man. Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are neutral. Hamna tries to oppose it but not too vehemently.

Hamza hasn’t changed much since the accident, by the way. Even now, he doesn’t listen to Saman and calls: Raza, coffee lao.

The tables have turned now. Hamna calls Hamza repeatedly and he ignores.

She crazily looks for him in college, failing which she talks to Sharique. Yeah, like he can change Hamza’s mind.

I don’t understand why Zoya is being mean to Alishba. Zoya has a nice voice by the way.

Hamza threatens Hamna that she should convince her family to say yes, else he would tell everyone about their relationship, every bit of proof he has.

Understood, she agreed to marry Azeem for her parents’s sake; that she cannot tell her family; that she still loves him. But, if she is bothered so much, she should talk. All parents listen to their kids if there is something this important.

Siddiqui and family visit Hamza’s house. Hamza lies about his college, confusing his parents. He doesn’t want Azeem or Siddiquis to know about the real him.

Question: why is Mrs Siddiqui without pallu? She keeps her head covered at home. Inconsistency!

That’s the review. Comments?

Shabana Mukhtar

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