Main Na JanooN | Finale Episode

On Sunday, I watched Sabaat and began to write the review (read it here). Whilst I typed, the smart YouTube app began to play the next clip – Main Na JanooN. The finale episode, no less.

I watched the entire episode, because I was too occupied to pause and find something better to watch.

After watching the finale episode, I concluded one thing – I am glad that I didn’t watch this drama.

Here’s the episode summary in short and I will follow it by my usual rant of why I didn’t like it.

Cast & Characters

Zahid Ahmed as Nain

The male protagonist, despite “nain” name, he cannot see. Irony!

Sanam Jung as Saira Waleed

The female protagonist, goody-two-shoes heroine

Affan Waheed as Nehad Farrukh

The second lead, he loves Saira and goes crazy to get her. He is also their cousin.

Komal Aziz Khan as Kiran Waleed

Saira’s sister. She loves Nehan and her mother Tehmina goes an extra mile to make sure Nehad marries Kiran.

Waseem Abbas as Waleed

Saira’s father

Beena Chaudhry as Asma

Huma Nawab as Farah

Sangeeta as Amma

Waleed’s mother and the main culprit who stages various dramas to put Farah down.

Seemi Pasha as Sabra

Ayesha Gul as Tehmina

The vamp. Waleed’s wife.

Imam Syed as Asghar

Waleed’s younger brother. He has also suffered the wrong-doings of Tehmina and Amma.

Hashim Butt as Farrukh

Nehad’s father.

Plot Summary

Kiran loves Nehad.

Nehad loves Saira.

Saira loves Nain.

And, Nain loves Saira back.

Nain and Saira are married, so are Kiran and Nehad.

Nehad is a guy with “mere murghe ki ek taang“, an obsessive lover in short, and he does a lot of drama to get Saira.

In this episode, Nain beats the shit out of Nehad and Nehad is hospitalized. His parents blame it on Saira. Saira visits the hospital, rants her mind off and tells Nehad that she never loved him. Everyone finds out what a douchbag Nehad is. As a consequence, his own parents are upset and decide to move to a different city. Farrukh had planned already, his mother also gives up on Nehad.

Nain and Saira talk and both confesses their undying love for each other.

Amma has realized her mistakes and is now a bit sympathetic towards Farah. Tehmina doesn’t like it. First, she poison’s Amma’s food to put blame on Farah. Then, she tries to suffocate Amma and threatens her to keep mum.

After a small confrontation, Amma tells Asghar that she has wronged him and Farah and breaks down. Asghar, being the good son, forgives her. Kiran overhears the conversation and is heartbroken by her mother’s lies.

Despite Nehad’s insistence, Kiran seeks divorce. She still loves him but does not want to live with him. Who would want to live with an obsessive lover who only remembers one name – Saira.

Tehmina commits suicide, by drinking the same poison she had used to kill Amma.

Everyone is happy, and Nehad has grown full beard and is living on support of servants. He  has nobody.

Lesson learned: if you’re mean, you either end up alone or dead. The choice is yours.

My Commentary

Ever since it started to air, my YouTube feed was filled with promos – teasers, every episode upload, etc.

  • I didn’t like the title – main na JanooN, too lazy, don’t your think?
  • I didn’t like the poster. Nobody looked good. Everything seemed like fake and made of plastic.
  • I love Sanam Jung, especially in Mere Humdum Mere Dost. I absolutely adore Zahid Ahmed since Besharam days. But it didn’t click.

The last episode tells me the entire story. Why should I watch all the episodes, huh?

And thank goodness I didn’t. as you can read in the plot summary, so much has happened in just one episode, most of which will make your blood boil. Aise kaun karta hai?

A pat on my back for taking a right decision.

Any recommendations? Should I watch any drama that I haven’t reviewed?

Shabana Mukhtar

Your comments and opinion matter. Please leave a message. Cheers!