Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 12 | Cringy and more cringy

Hello and good evening to all the people in self and/or forced qurantine. It is time to review Episode 11 of Pyar Ke Sadqay, my current favourite drama.

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Let the grooming begin.

Washma gets Mahjabeen to a salon for a full makeover session. And then Mansoora tells her to receive Abdullah, little bits to add romance.

Abdullah is upset from all the shit the Sarwar had said so he doesn’t even greet her.

There is one scene with Washma, Mansoora and Sarwar where Sarwar tries to humiliate both Washma and Mahjabeen. Washma tells Mahjabeen that she should ask Abdullah to take her shopping. Sarwar goes with her instead.

Munshi and Seema doesn’t like it. Of course, who would? Besides Munshi knows Sarwar’s true nature and how innocent Mahjabeen is. Like a good father, he worries and rightly so.

I like how Washma handles Abdullah, rightly pointing out that it must be Sarwar’s doing.

Sarwar talks inappropriately with Mahjabeen. These scenes creep me out. Will she ever realize that it is inappropriate? Bacchi kuch zyada hi masoom hai.

Mahjabeen and Abdullah bond during the night. He tells her about the accounting blunder and then they quarrel about their academics. But then he apologizes and they befriend. Both Abbas and Yumna are terrific in this scene. Emotional and cute!

Sarwar doesn’t wait even two days and suggests that Abdullah should divorce Mahjabeen.

Not waiting for the next episode. I may stop watching this drama. I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Shabana Mukhtar