Emergency Love | Episode 71

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Sinan is making pasta for Nisan, and Nisan is helping him. She puts sugar instead of salt, ruining the pasta.

She orders a lot of food, they begin playing napkin throwing game. One thing leads to other and they challenge each other for a basketball game.

At that hour of night? Nisan is confident that she will beat him. And she does play well, despite Sinan’s obvious height advantage.

Sinan wins, by distracting her. They fight, he kisses her and she falls down. The goon man is watching. Does he have any other work?

Abidin is heading towards Istanbul and he comes to see Nisan again. She tells Sinan about her lie about Abidin. Sinan is so upset. Someone’s gonna get hurt real bad. (Yes, that’s Russell Peters)

Let’s see if next episode tells us more.

Shabana Mukhtar