Qarar | Episode 9

I like Rana. She is the friend who has seen Maya’s selfish behaviour and Fareeha’s stupidity. She does not hesitate from speaking her mind and tell Fareeha that she is stupid.

Maya is unnecessarily evil to the servants. Also, I think Sanam is a little over the top. I am forgetting who plays the maid. That girl is quite good. She was also a maid in Dilruba, Adam’s accomplice in Mushk and Nargis Bua’s neice in Yeh Dil Mera. I am still forgetting her name.


Ammar is looking for an envelope. He rants, tells Fareeha to stop meddling with his life. There are two things that we learn. One, the ebvelope he is looking for has divorce papers. Two, Fareeha stops doing his chores which doesn’t go well with him, either. He gets a good scolding from his boss. I so enjoyed it. Fareeha ko confuse hone ke alawa koi kaam nahin aata.

Nadira is still the same woman who still cares only about Maya. But she suddenly takes a u-turn while visiting Maya. She says, and I quote: “I should have forced you to marry Ammar.”

The best scene is the confrontation between Zebunnisa and Maya. Mya drops the bomb but by then Salman had snatched the phone. Poor Zebunnisa doesn’t know yet. On the other hand, Salman also scolds Zebunnisa. Bhai waah! Ali Safeena is so good as a shrewd man.

The episode ends as Ammar is dropping Maya home. Will Salman tolerate that Maya is with another guy even if he is only dropping Maya home? I cannot wait to see how he reacts.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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