Book Announcement | Once Upon a Contract | Once Upon a Time Book 3

A runaway girl, a reluctant guy and a compromise for mutual benefit… 

Moomal Khan is a data scientist from Bhopal. She holds a job profile that was regarded highly and paid handsomely. But she is forced to leave her job and run away. 

Ahad Siddiqui is from Cochin. He is handsome, highly regarded in business circles as a self-made invincible billionaire entrepreneur. But he is forced to get hitched. When his friend suggests hiring a fake girlfriend, he hates the idea but cannot seem to rid of it. 

Their paths cross as they wait for their flight to Cochin. He is desperate to get his mother off his case. He tries to woo her, and she tries to shoo him away.  

“Once Upon a Contract” is a sweet and saucy romantic comedy based on a contract marriage romance trope. 

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