Favourite YouTube Channels #3: Kenny Sebastian

I first saw him on Rajeev Masand’s interview. He is so cute! And, then, I searched for him on YouTube and binged on all the videos on his channel. The guy is funny and cute and his jokes not only make you laugh, but also make you think. What I like the best is that…


Fun Facts About Me #14

I don’t love my writing. I like it, but the final product that I publish isn’t perfect. If I try to refine it, I will keep working on the same story forever. P.S. I start at least one new draft with a new idea every day.

Fun Facts About Me #13

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami. These are the five tastes and people generally have a strong liking towards one. Mine is crispy. Anything crispy is my weakness. Be it jalebi or chips.

Book Promotion: Crooning Techies

Have I forgotten that I am also a writer? Of course, not. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls; please read my book Crooning Techies. It is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Title: Crooning Techies: Sara’s Journey Summary: Sara landed the job she wanted. She also fulfils her life-long dream to live independently, and away from family….

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w41

I did not write about my previous week. It wasn’t much different. Nor is this week. I didn’t sleep much (what else is new?), had a lot of work to do in office and the interviews are still going on. The only thing that relieves my stress is YouTube. I have watched Pakistani dramas and…

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w39

I did not post this yesterday, because my work week is still continuing. That’s right. I am at office today, taking interviews. I don’t understand why the interviews are scheduled for the weekend. It takes away from my precious me time. I get to catch on my sleep over the weekend and that is also…

5 Reasons to watch Alif Drama (Geo TV)

I am looking forward to watching Alif Drama (Geo TV). It is written by Umera Ahmed. The novel is already published in April 2019 and is immensely popular amongst Urdu readers. I prefer not to watch the screen adaptation of a book. It is generally very loosely based on the original story and often the…

Drama Review: Alif Trailer and Cast

Now that the novel is complete and the drama is about to air, let’s talk about the characters and the cast that is chosen to play those beautifully flawed characters. The official wiki page of the drama lists the below cast.Yeah, that is no mystery. But this post aims at dissecting each character and the…

I have my custom domain now, hurrah!

Good morning! I have an important announcement to make, peeps. I just opted for the business plan on wordpress. People don’t take me seriously as a writer when they see my website link as https://theothermeunfolded.wordpress.com. I had the biggest decision to make yesterday – decide the domain name. For branding, if I may call it…

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w38

This week was so hectic. There is work coming my from all directions – some of it should be assigned to others, but how often do I escalate this matter? To make things worse, I fell sick. As in, I didn’t sleep much for three days and my left eye is always twitching and burning….

Fun Facts About Me #8

I completed my secondary and higher secondary education in Urdu medium schools. English is my father tongue. Some readers do notice that I am not well-versed in the technicalities of writing and nuances of the grammar. My vocabulary is limited. I don’t like purple prose, not even reading it. My mantra is to keep it…

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w37

Has anyone participated in P2P2019? I am hoping to, but I don’t have much time, despite sleeping lesser than usual. Weather is flutuating like anything and it adds to the irritation. Work was hectic, but TGIF. How was your week? Edited: WordPress just informed me that this is my 500th post. :O Shabana Mukhtar  

Book Promotion: Crooning Techies

Title: Crooning Techies: Sara’s Journey Summary: Sara landed the job she wanted. She also fulfils her life-long dream to live independently, and away from family. But is that as easy as she had expected? A new city, new roommates and a new world; she faces a new challenge every day. Sometimes she overcomes those roadblocks; others…