Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w13

More of COVID-19 More Panic Struggling to WFH And national lockdown These are the keywords that define 20w12, and beyond. WFh had tired me enough, so I have taken  a day off, to clear my head. There is a mess up here as million different thoughts and worried crowd my mind and cloud my judgement….


Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w12

COVID-19 Panic WFH Curfew These are the keywords that defined 20w12. It isn’t easy working from home, especially in summer. Allah, bless humanity in these tough times and bless us with strength to survive. Two of the most popular dramas – Alif and Ehd-e-Wafa ended over the weekend. I have posted my review and other…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w11

Headache. That one word defines this week. The reasons are varied. Primarily, I attribute the splitting headache to fluctuating temperature and freaquntly annoying colleagues. I want to scream at some people. For instance, yesterday, I pointed out at the blunder in Performace Report. The performance guy rectified the issue and attributed the finding to someone…

World Sleep Day 2020 | I Wish Me Some Sleep

Ah, the irony. I have not slept much and this morning my Calendar surprises me with this. They come up with a different slogan for every year. Are you wondering what is this year’s slogan? Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. I should be sleeping, because this day…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w10

Another week comes to an end and I have made zero progress for my novel. i have plans to publish it this month. I don’t see that dream becoming a reality. Time flies when it doen’t have to. And when we want to pass quickly (like at an airport, waiting for the flight0, the clock…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w09

This is the busiest week of 2020, work wise. Office was crazy. I don’t get time to get up from my desk, let alone going for a walk. I am also missing on my blog schedule a bit. I don’t wike it. But, I promise to finish everything over the weekend. You will see some…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w08

This week was super-chill. I am becoming calmer by the day. This may be a short-lived feeling, but boy, it feels great. I have read several rom-coms and have scheduled the reviews for Thursday, official day for English Book Reviews. How was your week? Shabana Mukhtar

Favourite YouTube Channels #3: Kenny Sebastian

I first saw him on Rajeev Masand’s interview. He is so cute! And, then, I searched for him on YouTube and binged on all the videos on his channel. The guy is funny and cute and his jokes not only make you laugh, but also make you think. What I like the best is that…


This is my review of Adite Banerjie’s latest release Just The Way You Are (Soulmates #1). There may be spoilers, so be warned.

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w07

Is it Friday already? Dayam. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Time’s flying super-fast these days. I haven’t gotten much done in this week. I was hoping to publish one book for Valentine. It didn’t happen, obviously. Else, I would have gone crazy announcing it. I celebrated the “Romance Week” by reading a lot. Incidentally, this time…

The week that was – 20w06

That’s how I began my work day. I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of pickle. That quantity will last me the whole summer. *exaggerating* I just realize now that I have not included the glass of water – the most essential thing on the dining table. The paratha was okay and I devoured…

The week that was – 20w05

It still feels bizarre. Yesterday was almost dream-like as I survived through the day like a zombie. Sleep-deprived mind isn’t always productive. Thankfully, Friday came soon enough. Can’t wait to sleep for 24 hours straight. How was your week? Did you read / watch anything interesting? Shabana Mukhtar

Fun Facts About Me #14

I don’t love my writing. I like it, but the final product that I publish isn’t perfect. If I try to refine it, I will keep working on the same story forever. P.S. I start at least one new draft with a new idea every day.

The week that was – 20w04

Our first and only Friday in Madina. The day of return is looming around. I haven’t started shopping yet. Too much to do in 3 days. Shabana Mukhtar

Book Review | I temporarily Do | Ellie Cahill

This is my review of Adite Banerjie’s latest release Just The Way You Are (Soulmates #1). There may be spoilers, so be warned.

The week that was – 20w01

I have read two books already and drafting the review posts. The reviews will be up sometime in next week, or this weekend, depending upon how much time I get. Office was okay. After the skip level (you can read about it here: Shut The Beep Up | How to Not Lead By Example) and…

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w52

It is the last week of the year and white hectic by regular standards. It is supposed to have less workload but… Anyway… The week started okay and ended on a quick shipping spree in a shopping mall nearby. How was your week? Did you read / watch anything interesting? Shabana Mukhtar

Fun Facts About Me #13

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami. These are the five tastes and people generally have a strong liking towards one. Mine is crispy. Anything crispy is my weakness. Be it jalebi or chips.