Book Announcement | Saheb | Tiny Tales Book 6

In the symphony of a well-ordered life, one maid’s antics create silent reverberations, stirring the calm waters of Hannan’s meticulously crafted world.

Within the hallowed halls of Hannan’s villa, where routine is sacred and discipline reigns supreme, a quiet storm begins to brew. Unbeknownst to the stern master, Sammi, a clever and spirited new maid, weaves mischief into the tapestry of daily life. Unveiling her own brand of chaos, she tests the boundaries of the villa’s ordered tranquillity.

Hannan, a man of silent strength, navigates the tempest of disruptions, unaware that the orchestrator of his quiet suffering is the very maid he’s entrusted with his home. His villa becomes a canvas for a clash of personalities, leaving Hannan to ponder the enigma of the seemingly carefree Sammi.

But what does a man of such high discipline tolerate Sammi’s antiques?

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