Zebaish | Episode 5

So, the hamming police officer arrests Nadra and Naushaba. A big actress such as Shahana and a successful lawyer like Javed cannot even go with them or try for their bail. What the…

Javed refuses to fight Nadra’s case resulting in melodrama. On the positive side, Nadeem suddenly finds a soft corner for Nadra and Naushaba. Just like that, just because his father said they’re evil, or just because Naushaba is cute (and his real life wife). Pardon me, I didn’t understand that sudden change and therefore coming up with stupid reasons.

Tashi and her mother are both greedy AF. Ex Mrs Munshi and now Mrs Javed (I forget her name again) calls Javed and asks him to bring ten lakh rupees aka her meher. Javed agrees to fight the case for money. He also loses a case on purpose to get two crores.

Wasif frames an innocent person for Nafees’ murder. In turn, he also learns that Nadra and Naushaba are in Karachi. Peerzada Qasim is confident that Wasif will get hold of the two women.

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Zara continues to annoy me with her overacting. To think that I loved this girl in Ehd-e-Wafa.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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