Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 22

The girls are bashing Murat because of Murat’s. Tuval is severely upset after Didem’s announcement that she’s engaged to Murat.

Murat is upset too and drinks to his sorrows with Kerem. He later informs his family about his decision to marry Didem. “Talk to Didem’s family, no media, keep it small” these are some of the instructions Murat gives to his family.

Emine and Fadik tell Ipek about the match they’ve found for Hayat. Ipek rants and suggests that they leave Istanbul and settle in the village. If it was that easy, huh.

Hayat is pretty confident when she arrives at Sarte but Tuval sees through the fake smile. She avenges Didem on Hayat’s behalf. Whatta friend!

Ipek tells Kerem about asli’s prospect groom, Asli tells him that it’s for Hayat. Will Murat find about this? Not yet because Hayat is supposedly Suna, right?

Shabana Mukhtar