Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 23

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Murat’s family is so effing upset with Didem’s dysfunctional family. I cannot even.

Murat has to cover the backlog and Cagla isn’t in so Hayat offers to stay back. Awnnn!

The power supply is disconnected at office and they find a young boy. He’s the watchman’s son, his mother is dead. Murat has an instant connect with the young boy because #relatable. They play together, the montage is fast paced and loud and gives them fleeting moments of closeness. Hayat realizes Murat’s pain of being raised without a mother. Whatta chemistry!

But who will meet the prospect groom? Ipek, that’s who?


Doesn’t she look lovely? She flirts with the man generously. And groom’s father flirts with Fadik. If that wasn’t enough, Kerem and Doruk barge in to “ruin” the scene. Bhai waah!

All’s well that ends well, the boy likes Fadik. What?