Dilruba | Episode 16

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 15, aired on July 11, 2020) is out.

This episode begins

with a montage of Khurram and Sanam enjoying a nice day out.
Junaid’s side is still seeing a lot of drama. His father insists that Junaid should marry his cousin Sehrish and Junaid is like, “nah, not gonna happen.”

Junaid’s mother, therefore, vows to ruin Sanam’s life. How convenient! Junaid didn’t even say that it is Sanam’s doing. I know, what Sanam did was wrong. I am not defending her but revenge is never justified.

Junaid’s father on the other hand, Asha him to never call again.

Natasha is jealous if Sanam. Sanam, in turn, has become the elite woman who goes partying, clubbing and ignores Ayan. On one such outing, she spots Khurram with Natasha. Now, she’s jealous, too.

We also see a hoard of new faces as Sanam interacts with many social and broad-minded women. It hints that Sanam’s personality would undergo more changes.

Sharafat, the servant who had suggested that Sanam should change herself is now complaining about her to Daniyal. Wow!

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Ghazala has turned into a typical “ladke ki amma” and doesn’t want to compromise on her high standards for Arslan’s bride. She doesn’t listen to any reason Iram and Jameel present. She’s the same woman who is supremely possessive of her own daughters. Tch, no Ghazala! 

Ghazala meets Sehrish’s family for Arslan. Oh, damn! So Junaid’s family will now be related to Sanam’s. Damn!

Iram is at the gynaecologist and spots Khurram with Natasha. Oh, the ultimate twist of extramarital affair. Khurram marries Natasha and Natasha insists that he takes her home. Double damn!

Let’s see what the next episode brings.

Shabana Mukhtar