Zebaish | Episode 6

Wasif is worried about police and Qasim is worried his supposed fiancé Naushi. The conversation between Salma and wasif highlights Wasif’s evil nature. Salma is the best role and best performer of this drama. Don’t you think?

Javed repeats his plans to marry Tashi to Nadeem. Nadeem, in turn, has begun to flirt with Naushi. He doesn’t stop there. He proposes her as well. Asad and Zara look cute together, I won’t deny that.

But their closeness worries Nadra. Another melodramatic scene between Nadra and Naushi ensues putting viewers to sleep. *Snoring*

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Pervez spots Javed and his second wife Fakhra Begum at a restaurant. Does he care about Shahana? No, he has his own plans to juice the situation.

Zoya Nasir, the girl who plays Tashi, is one of the most annoying actors I have seen.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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