Zebaish | Episode 7

So, Nadra relaxes a bit upon learning that Shahana doesn’t mind Nadeem and Naushi together.

Javed has forgotten the file of new case – the case for which he is accepting a bribe of 2 crore rupees. I don’t understand why his assistant is so “open” and “free”. But, he cannot go home because he has claimed to be in Lahore. Parvez tries to tell Shahana about Javed’s second wife but she doesn’t listen. She  later asks Javed, “let’s work on our life again.” Too late for that, no?

Pervez relentlessly attempts to instigate Shahana against Javed. Nadeem seems tame but he knows Pervez’s intentions. He forbids Pervez to intervene in their private matters.

Javed’s second marriage is no more a secret. Javed lies through his teeth but Nadeem, the  guy who has lived a loved and protected life, has suddenly transformed into an angry young man.

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Back at aastana, Peer saheb asks Qasim to stay away from Wasif. Nazo has found Nadra’s number. Would Wasif find about it? I think so.

Salma is the most nuances and interesting character of this ensemble. Her subtle insults aimed at Wasif are just too effing good.

Shabana Mukhtar

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