Zebaish | Episode 8

Javed learns that Shahana had visited Fakhra. He comes home, yells at Shahana, Parvez and Nadeem for no fault of theirs. When Shahana has had enough, she asks Javed to leave. Before leaving, he tries to brainwash Nadeem.

Nadeem chooses Shahana over Javed. On the other hand, Javed threatens Pervez: stay away from my wife.

Huh? Does he know about Pervez’s intentions?

Fakhra continuously demands that Javed should divorce. Agitated, he divorces Shahana. Pervez proposes her the next instant. Bhai, thoda sabr kar le. Talaaq ki bhi iddat hoti hai. But then they didn’t show Nadra following iddat after Nafees’s death… So… nevermind.

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On aastana side, the tiff between Peer Sahab and Wasif. Wasif knows Qasim is also selfish but he still takes favours from him for fighting the court case. Be it Wasif or Qasim, The throaty voice, the dead eyes, and the menacing word-play is boring and annoying.

The plot progresses as Javed is sued for that two crore deal. He’s devastated. He could be disbarred and lose his credibility. But his new wife Fakhra and step daughter Tashi are only after money. They tell him: give us two crores. We need security. Javed stares at them and the episode ends.

I want to point a finger at Javed and laugh at him. Haha, dekha murkh insaan. Anywho… It was good to see him as grey character contrary to being a great dad in Ishqiya.

Shabana Mukhtar

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