Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 58


It’s Eid-ul-Azha for real and in this series, too. The Yigiter family is celebrating Eid and Helda doesn’t let Muhsin eat meat.

Qadar and Sabri arrive at Riza’s house but Erkut insists that it is his goat. Sabri claims that it isn’t their goat but eventually tells the truth. The four taporis bring Qadar’s goat. All’s well that ends well. The Eid scene at their household reminds me of my house. I am still in Pune and could not go home for Eid. Poor me 🙁

Riza and Erkut visit Yigiter family to wish Eid but only Muhsin and Ayse are happy to see them. Muhsin promises to find a place for Erkut in his company.

More drama to unfold soon.

Shabana Mukhtar