Zebaish | Episode 9

The episode begins with the same scene where it had ended. Javed is truly upset with Fakhra and Tashi’s greed. Shabeer Jan has nailed the scene. I feel that he is the protagonist of the story. I mean Zara and Asad are sidelined. And so far Javed’s characters has seen the most variations, tribulations, peaks and troughs.

Anyway, after some crazily paced and unrelated scenes, Javed decides to move out of the city.


On Naushaba’s birthday, Shahana announces Nadeem’s engagement with Naushaba. A weird media team tries to cover the private function. Things blow out of proportion and ends up in a media scandal.

Pervez proposes to Shahana, out loud, repeatedly. Shahana is puzzled about this, and Nadeem is puzzled by Naushi’s juvenile order – I want to model and act. But Nadeem is clear about one thing – he doesn’t want Pervez in his life.

Fakhra’s landlords hit Javed. Why do I sense that it is Fakhra’s doing?

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On aastana side, Wasif is suspicious that Salma and Nazo are in touch with Nadra and Naushi. He begins to beat Salma, and this ain’t the first time. She is still happily oppressed. What the hell? Salma and Nadra are in touch but we don’t see any of that interaction.

Before I signoff, I just note two things.

1. Asad’s hairstyle is very meh. I loved his hair in Dilruba. This one makes him look like a dork and meek guy. If that was the intent, well done.

2. When he overhears Pervez talking to Shahana about their marriage, those expressions on his face, that of a broken and beaten son, is superbly done.

Most of others are overacting, except Shabbeer, Asad and Qavi Khan.

Shabana Mukhtar

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