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I love Pakistani telefilms, and I wait for Eid season when all the channels release three telefilms each. This time, however, owing to the sadness and depression due to Corona; I did not watch any telefilm.

Until yesterday.

I was agitated because I have not published anything in a while and the story I want to finish needs a lot of rework. Anywho!

I clicked on the first search result – Dil Tera Ho Gaya.

I saw the first scene and immediately a voice shouts in my head.

Dil Tera Ho Gaya looks like a rehash of Suno Chanda.

After watching the telefilm, I check the credits and I smiled at my acumen of understanding patterns. Don’t trust me? Check the credits.


Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry
Director: Aehsun Talish
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Just as expected if is written by Saima Akram Chaudhary and directed by Aehsun Talish, both names associated with Suno Chanda… As are Mizna and Farhan Ali Agha…

Right, let’s get started.


Living under the same roof, Fahmida and Zubaida are sister-in-laws who share a love-hate relationship. Anas being the only son of Fahmida is always ready to conspire against her aunt Zubaida who herself is supported by her only daughter Roma. The boundaries between the two families are well – established as they are always busy in letting each other down. Despite strong hatred from both sides will Anas and Roma realize their true feelings and will they be able to clear misunderstandings between the two families?

This Eid, Geo brings “Dil Tera Ho Gaya” a story of two families who are divided by familial relationships but united by hearts. Will the families come together and realize the importance of family bonding before it’s too late?

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Cast & Characters

Feroz Khan as Anas Ahmed


Zara Noor Abbas as Roma Arshad

Javed Sheikh as Ahmed

Anas’ father, elder brother


Saba Faisal as Fehmeeda (Mrs Ahmed)

Copies designer dresses copies and makes Chanda model for her


Farhan Ali Agha as Arshad

Roma’s father, Ahmed’s younger brother


Shaheen Khan as Zubaida (Mrs Arshad)

Roma’s mother. She makes videos of plagiarized recipe and makes Chanda shoot the video.


Mizna Waqas as Chanda

Mizna Waqas she’s the reason I am watching this. She plays a thali ki baingan maid – funniest character in this telefilm. Look at that smile and that ada.


Sofia Khan & Salma Qadir

Prospect mother-in-laws

Plot Summary

Fehmeeda and Zubaida were once besties but since Arshad married Subaida, they are now mortal enemies. Their kids Roma and Anas are also following their footsteps. Ahmed and Arshad are still very close and fool their families while they can.

The story begins as Roma punctures his car’s tyre. Anas still makes it to the office. They fight, throw insults at each other and get kicked out.

They two teams fight and rant and attack and counter-attack. What’s refreshing is that the bickering and tricks they use are different and quite unique each time.

Until one day when things get out of hand, the two families unit and all the problems quickly resolve. Just like that. But that’s like half of the telefilm.

So, there are several subplots – Chanda flirts with Ahmed.

And the twist.. let’s keep twist a secret. What else is there to watch.


It is not unpredictable but enjoyable nonetheless. Saima Akram’s stories guarantee a fun time. I particularly likes that scene when Chanda, the maid is wearing similar dress as one of Fehmi’s clients.

A fun watch to end the day with.

The way it is edited is superb. One family says something and the other family’s conversation starts from that very point. Ossam. Awesome!

Zara is terrific as Roma. Her costume is fabulous as always. Those soft hues and simple designs, beautiful. She is not as annoying as Naushaba in Zebaish.

Others have done justice to their roles, too.

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Until next review, remember in prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar

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