Main Ayeshagul | Episode 57


When Elif is planning about the wedding, Can recalls that Mubaira said Emine is a “baby thief”. Aysegul is handing over the baby without legalities. Can reaches just in time and we see a Can Vs Murat face-off. At least one problem is off Aysegul’s list.

Elif brings wedding’s invitation card for Aysegul. Aysegul is upset, so Can is upset, so Elif is upset. She shouldn’t have brought the card, right?

Wedding preparations have made Mediha happy, until she learns that Ismail has invited Tehsin. Ismail and Mediha fight – a half-hearted attempt for bringing humour in an otherwise dull episode.

There is an unnecessarily long flashback – a recap of the series so far.

That is followed by a dream where Aysegul fears the worse to happen to her and Issu.

That is followed by drama when Can comes to see the baby and Aysegul kicks him out.

Losing interest a bit. Something big should happen quick else I will stop watching this series.

Shabana Mukhtar