Drama Review | Aye Musht-e-Khak | Episode 5

Alrighty, let’s review the third episode of Aye Musht-e-Khak. I wasn’t ready for this. I mean… I didn’t know that there will be two episodes.

A little recap of episode 4

Dua’s family thinks that Mustajab isn’t the best match for Dua, and reject the proposal. Dua might not necessarily agree with this decision. Our girl is smitten by Mustajab, ahem!

Aye Musht-e-Khak episode 5 written review and update

Shakeela tries to persuade Sajjad and Nimra while Dayaan takes Dua out to her favourite place.
And guess who is there? Bobby, that’s who. I don’t like the name but he is wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. He looks like Bobby. When he’s dressed in shirts and trousers and jackets, he looks like Mustajab. You know what I mean?
Bas phir, nikaah ho gaya…
And our dude shows his true colours within like 5 minutes of meeting Dua. He can’t stand if someone doesn’t agree with him, and in his rage, he even hurts Dua. Thank goodness for Dayaan who interrupts them.
Dua does realize just how different they are, and just how unpredictable Mustajab could be.
Mustajab also has a problem with Dayaan. And he crosses a line there. Asad is my favourite, and I have liked all of his roles (except Zebaish, hehe). I can’t let one favourite actor of mine dislike another favourite actor of mine. I can’t let a not-so-favourite character of mine dislike a favourite character of mine. I don’t know if that makes sense.
Main Dayaan ko bata dunga ki Dua sirf meri hai, Mustajab tells Shakeela.
Mustajab doesn’t know how to enter the masjid, how to do wuzu. It worries Dua, and by extension us. Hai Allah, iss bande ko kitna seekhna hai abhi?
Main tumhare aur tumhare god k beech mein nahin aaunga.
Oh okay! So he doesn’t believe in Allah! Behen Shakeela, itna laad kiya bete ko. Thoda Islam bhi sikhaya hota.
This episode talked about niyaat and floored me yet again. We need to learn these littlest things over and over again.


Dayaan has seen Mustajab’s temper with his own two eyes. And yet, the moment he sees Dua’s smitten face, he approves of the alliance. Bhai, you could have talked to your sister at least.
Shakeela is such a  twisted mother. On one hand, she had lied to Dua and family that Mustajab would move back to Pakistan. On the other hand, she advocates against Mustajab when he is being an angry young man. She has an answer to every objection of his. I fail to understand if she is spoiling her son or just being an honest mother.
This episode answered one of the questions that had been nagging me for a while – why is the male lead named Mustajab? It is quite an unusual name.
Answer: just so Dua Mustajab ho jaye.
Dua Muatajab Ho gayi.
Wah wah! Mukarrar irshad… I love such lines yaar. Bahot aala!
Mustajab says hi, and Dua replies with a salaam. I hope to see a gradual change in Mustajab. Kya woh kabhi salaam karega?
Feroze Khan ans continue to shine as the male lead and Sana Javed as the heroine of the show while others do a brilliant job as supporting characters. So far, the performances haven’t disappointed.


Is Mustajab bi-polar? Does he have multiple personality disorder?
Did anyone recalled Aparichit movie when Mustajab was growling at Dua one moment and then concerned about her the next moment? I have seen that movie like 2-3 times but that scene is stuck to my memories.

Another QOTD:

Does anyone else feel that the dialogues have kafi khalis Urdu than usual dramas?

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