Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 5

A little recap of episode 4 of Sinf-e-Aahan

The tests are done, the girls are selected for the next stage – Kakul academy. Now, they all come back home.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 5 written update and review

This episode is primarily about all five girls and how their families and neighbours react to the news of their selection in the army.

1 Rabia Safeer


2 Mahjabeen Mastan

Mahjabeen’s parents are fighting when she comes back. They are not unaffected by her decisiona at all, or so it seems.

Mahjabeen isn’t happy to come home. Thankfully, her stay is short as she is leaving for Kakul soon.

3 Periwesh

Periwesh’s parents are ecstatic of her selection, but Jamal doesn’t want to break the news to anyone yet. He fears that Sardar will not let him send Periwesh to the army.

His efforts go in vain as the postman delivers a letter from ISSB, and also tells others present what the letter is about. Tch…

Enters Sardar. Would he do some phadda with Jamal? Would Periwesh face-off with Sardar? We will know soon.

4 Shaista Khanzaada

Ah, Shaista and her quirky family… This is one of the funniest family I have seen on-screen.

If you had thoguht that the writer has forgotten about Wali Mohammad, you are mistaken. We see Taya Yaqoob and Wali Mohammad enjoyed qahwa and pastries with dadi. Taya Yaqoob thinks that Wali Mohammad is not selected in the army because it needs “sifarish”. The father-son duo say the same thing repeatedly as Dadi watches them. Her expressions change, as if she is contemplating whether she should react or not, whether she should correct them or not.

But then she does.

“Shaista ka selection ho gaya ISSB mein,” she says.

Wali Mohammad is shocked, and Taya Yaqoob scolds him for lying. I liked that Taya jaan isn’t the stereotypical uncle who would sabotage something good happening in his younger brother’s house. You know… There are uncles like that.

Anywho, so he congratulates Shaista. That’s a pleasant surprise. The surprise continues when the whole neighbourhood comes to congratulate Musa for Shaista’s selection in the army. Two men get down from the bus just so Shaista and Musa could travel to Kakul. The surprise gets a little out of hand when the whole bus gives Shaista a standing ovation. I get it that we want to encourage women going in the army, but yeh thoda zyada nahin ho gaya?

Kudos to dadi jaan. Kamal ki acting ki hai har scene mein… I loved the scene when Shaista bid goodbyes.

“Izzat kam kar ke nahin, thodi badha kar hi wapas aaungi,” Shaista says.

Waise Shaista’s purse was empty. Ekdum chapta. Kuch kaghaz hi daal dete.

Where is Kamil, by the way? ahem…

5. Arzoo Daniel

Arzoo’s side isn’t much different from Shaista’s. People are coming over to congratulate the family. Even Nauroz and his family comes, but this isn’t about the congratulation as much as it is to ask: when are you vacating the house?

Agnus and Daniel openly talk about Arzoo and Nauroz, but Nauroz has never mentioned Arzoo to his parents, not in that way. My heart went to Agnus and Daniel. No parent should have to go through this embarassment.

What to expect from episode 6 of Sinf-e-Aahan?

I can’t wait to see them in Kakul academy.

What do others feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar