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So, the 18th episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay is here. It’s based on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same title. If you’re interested in the novel’s plot. read  this post  for more details.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 18 Written Update

Mehreen signs the affidavit taking full responsibility of a crime she did not commit. Why? because she loves Aswad. She confesses her love so unconvincingly. I don’t believe her, let alone Aswad who is already brainwashed against her.


Yeah, so the signatures are done. She comes out of Aswad’s room. Then, she sees Mashal… because why not? This girl is hallucinating. Now that she is more depressed, seeing Mashal is only fitting. Mashal first taunts her for still keeping alive. The viewers are also asking the same question, Mashal. Mehreen do something, something that will progress the storyline. For the past few episodes, the story is stuck at the same point. Wahi torture, wahi rona dhona. Move on with it.
Look at me ranting again. So, Mashal suggests various ways to commit a suicide. Hanging by the fan, jump from a rooftop, catch fire, take some poison, sleeping pills (yep, the way she committed suicide). Kubra looks like a million bucks in that scene. She has been shown in the same blue outfit for all hallucinations, but this time she looks more beautiful than ever.
The events so far had been pushing Mehreen towards a suicide, and in this episode we see her at the edge. Just before she takes a sip from the bathroom cleaner’s bottle, her hallucinations take another turn. She sees Mansoor who asks her to be brave and strong and survive instead of succumbing to pressure. Who will Mehreen listen to? Mashal who has been forcing her to commit a suicide, or Mansoor, the man she so dearly loved?
Confusion, right? The confusion hits Mehreen hard. She cries (as always) and talks about Mashal (as always) and then she loses conciousness. This is the tipping point of this drama. Mehreen has reached her limit. I will be honest; I was waiting for this moment.

Mehreen’s nervous breakdown

Okay, so Mehreen’s nervous system breaks down, and she is hospitalized. Aswad has seen her in her most vulnerable state, and he is also there at the hospital. Whether he sympathizes with Mehreen or just being a good son to Saleha, we don’t know yet. The way Saleha treats Aswad, it is evident that she isn’t pleased with her son. She doesn’t even let Aswad stay at the hospital.
But we still see him outside in the lobby. Has he changed into a better person already? Will Aswad realize just how awful his deeds are? It’s too early to comment on that.

A series of epiphanies for Aswad

We see Nadia Hussain as a psychiatrist. The conversation (you must watch the episode for the whole conversation) makes Aswad uncomfortable, we can see; and the credit goes to Usman Mukhtar’s brilliant acting. I like how the doctor explains various forms of abuses. She even suggests that Aswad should seek psychiatric treatment to understand his own behaviour. I simply loved that scene.
Shagufta calls Rukhsana to take Mehreen’s stuff away. Since Mehreen and Saleha are both at the hospital, the onus is on Aswad. Aswad will finally see Mehreen’s room. This will hopefully be the eye opener for stupid Aswad.
Aswad first meets nano who now recalls all the things that Mehreen used to do for her. That’s the second epiphany.
Shabbo brings the keys to Mehreen’s room from Mashal’s room. That’s the third epiphany.
And then the room itself is a living proof of how exemplary Mehreen’s life was. The trophies, the certificates, the paintings… He even sees the bridal dupatta which is torn. He learns that Mashal used to smoke, that Mashal would throw Mehreen’s inhaler in the dustbin, that Mashal never ever won a thing in her life. In short, this scene summarises Mehreen’s life and Mashal’s lies. The way Aswad staggers and slumps on the chair is just painfully beautiful.
That night’s events finally play for us. Mashal has asked Shabbo to put all of sleeping pills in Mehreen’s tea. But then, how does Mashal end up losing her life? Would Shabbo switch the cups? Is that why see feels guilty? Is she the reason Mashal died?
That’s interesting…

And now, some rants

Fine, we all knew that Mehreen did not murder Mashal. She might have been the reason that Mashal always had an inferiority complex, the reason Mashal pursued Aswad so relentlessly, but Mehreen did not kill Mashal. This episode sheds some light on the events of that night. Most of the flashback we have already seen, and I did not like that the same was repeated. If I was writing a novel, and repeated the flashback so often, it would only be to bulk up the manuscript. In drama terms, this is only to add more episodes, I would say.
Also, the flashback shows that after slapping Mashal, Mehreen comes to the kitchen to make tea for them both (Mashal and Mehreen). Again, this episode shows that Mashal asks Shabbo to make tea for them both (Mashal and Mehreen) and put the powdered sleeping pills in Mehreen’s cup. Kitni chai? Aisa toh sirf mere ghar mein hota hai, jab dekho tab chai… haha…

What to expect from episode 19

The promo shows Aswad blaming everything on Shagufta (and Tahir?)
Even if they had not shown this in promo, I had guessed it. When Aswad did not know anything, he blamed everything on Mehreen, and by extension Saleha and Rabeya. Now that he knows things, he blamed everything on Shagufta and Tahir. Will this dude man up and own the responsibility? Will he ever be accountable for the shit that he did to Mehreen? Just because something happened to Mashal does not give him a right to torture someone, someone who was once his best friend, someone who is now married to him.
If “not knowing” is the redemption arc for Aswad, I am not buying it.

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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