Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 14

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here.

A Little Recap

In the 13th episode, we saw that Fari has stolen Mehrbano’s jewellery. When Mehrbano finds about it, she goes to Fari’s room to confront her.

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 14 Written Update

The episode continues from where it ended. Murad is threatening Mehrbano to tell everything about properties’ papers and the said missing jewellery or else…
Ayaz watched the whole drama. I had expected that he would jump and voice his support for his aunt. But I’m proven wrong. That is not all. Later, when Mehrbano tries to talk to Ayaz, he doesn’t listen. Instead, he talks rudely, asks Mehrbano to mind her business and slams the door on her face. If I had a nephew like that, I would slap him, 2 kas ke… I do that sometimes 🙂
Fari instigates Murad by putting the blame on Ayaz.
“Only he can steal from this family,” she says.
Murad so badly wants the jewellery that he trusts Fari and starts to beat Ayaz. Mehrbano tries to meddle, and then falls unconscious. Noor is worried, obviously, but Ayaz is also shown to be a bit worried. It’s working. Khala ki mohabbat will show, soon.
Murad takes Mehrbano to the hospital and the doctor breaks the news – iss condition mein aisa ho jata hai. That line should be retired now. It is overdone in our dramas.

Mehrbano is questioned even for her pregnancy

Murad is as ecstatic as could be. But Khadoos aunty insinuates that instills doubts in Murad. Murad not only confronts Mehrbano but also accuses that Mehran might have something to do with the baby. Ah, poor Mehrbano… This is rock bottom. Life couldn’t get any worse than this. Noor also learns just how evil Murad is. That had one big consequence. Noor tells Mehran about everything and in a way blames it on Mehran. Had Mehran married someone else, nobody would have doubted Mehrbano’s character, right?
Mehrbano reasons that she is tolerating everything for sake of the baby. She wants her baby to have a complete family… even if the family is toxic as hell… She didn’t say that, but isn’t it implied? I don’t like that we are still showing our women to compromise with such abusive men for sake of their kids. They own a mansion. If Mehrbano sells it, she can live her life comfortably with Noor and the baby.
Noor suggets just the same, but Mehrbano doesn’t agree with Noor. She promises that she will take Noor back home one day. What is she waiting for? I bet she wants to take Ayaz with her. Until then, she would suffer at the hands of Fari, Murad and Khadoos aunty.
Ayaz and Noor are bonding over, and we see the romance just around the corner. When Noor tries to talk to Ayaz about Mehrbano, Ayaz behaves rudely. Would Noor tolerate the tantrums? No, because Noor is never at the receiving end of the tantrums. This role reversal was interesting to watch. Ayaz is as arrogant as ever, and Noor is mad at Ayaz. I’m so so excited to see a hate-to-love romance.
The episode ends as Murad asks the doctor about possibility of a paternity test. This man… I would hate it if Mehrbano decides to live with Murad at the end. I mean, in the short story Ujaloan Ki Basti on which this drama is based, the titular character character ends up with Wamiq aka Mehran.

What to expect from episode 15

Ayaz will hopefully take a stand for Mehrbano.


Khushhal Khan is quite an actor. Whether he is angry or upset or just nervous, he expresses the emotions well.  Even though he doesn’t have a lot of screen time, he makes his presence felt. In Bebasi, he has more scope to show his acting chops. I will get to Bebasi in a  bit, like later today, I will be posting the reviews, so stay tuned.
The best performance, however, is hands own that of Mawra Hocane. The way she drops the water glass and stares at Fari after Fari and Khadoos aunty insult her, uff… I got goosebumps. I wished she had hit Fari then… But that would be too much from a character like Mehrbano. Chha gayi ho Mawra. Very well done…
Alright, off to review DEM… I have three episodes of Dil e Momin pending to review.
Assalam o alaikum,
Shabana Mukhtar