Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 30

A Little Recap

So, Fajar is gone, much to our dismay. I have lost interest in this drama but then I also need to finish it. I’m not a quitter. Actually, I am, in some cases, but in this case, I have come too far along to quit now.

Zafar has hired a lawyer who is determined to use Fajar’s unstable mental state in his favour to win the case. Would he be successful? We will find out in this episode.

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 30 Written Update and Review

Zafar comes to the police station to surrender with his lawyer. Saad Azhar as the lawyer threatens the police, and that his client should not even get one scratch. Will Nasir obey the law or be the rogue police officer that he always was.
Now, to convict Zafar they need a very strong evidence or another victim. Well… They have one – Bushra. But Bushra is in coma. Will she recover just in time to be the witness? Who knows. Perhaps, she will be in coma for the next four episodes as Zafar, his lawyer the media, the public assassinates Fajar’s character. Anything is possible in this drama now. 
We have already seen Saad Azhar as Zafar’s lawyer advocate Iftekhar. In this episode, Nasir, Saim and Noor meet Fajar’s lawyer – advocate Rubab played by Anam Tanveer. They have pulled very fine actors to play the advocate.  Anam looks gorgeous in her black and white advocates’s outfit.
This drama has turned into a legal battle now. Both advocates present their opening statements. We see the ugly face of legal world. We can always see the same thing in two lights. When it comes to legal ways of looking things differently, things become nasty. 

In other news

We see Bisam wearing salwar kurta and cap reciting tasbeeh. Bisam is a changed man now, but do I feel sympathy for him? Not even a little bit. Rehana and Taufique are arguing. Faiqa and Rehana are arguing. This family only adds to our headache. 
Nilofer aunty is on a different tangent. She had always been, but now she’s crazy. She is looking for another proposal for saim. She thinks that people should leave Zafar alone. Kyu bhai?

Does this drama make sense any more?

It does not, but hey… I have already told you the reason I watched episode 30. I ain’t a quitter.
There are some conspiracy theories that Fajar might still be alive. To those people I ask, how? She’s buried, her family is mourning, the police is looking for the culprit. This theory is so ridiculous. To be honest, all theories regarding Akhir Kab Tak have been proven wrong. After 26 episodes, friend of mine (hi, Liza) had predicted the drama to wrap up in two more episodes. I had anticipated it to drag till 30. We are both proven wrong. This is episode 30, the promo for the next episode hasn’t gone live, yet. So, we don’t know if this drama is ending, ever.

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until then, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Totally… I also liked it better because of advocates. I like them both 🙂

  2. I would love to see that happen. Fajar dying just doesn’t sit with me.

  3. liza says:

    right now i dont know which drama would be replacing AKT… how many more episodes do you think will this go ahaha… i dont know anymore but i’ll say.. maybe 3?4? im still interested in AKT tho, this court scene is so much more stronger than laapata’s one (which was actually half-assed).

  4. liza says:

    okay, there is a possibility fajar is alive. reason being 1) they didn’t show her body before being buried, it was just allegedly saim buried her straight from the hospital 2) saim seems awfully calm durin the situation, yes he seems to be mourning but his behaviour shows something else. and another thing to note, in episode 29 when saim says he was going to the grave, he swings his car keys as he casually tells his mom, almost like he has another agenda.

    so fajar being alive is a very good possibility. well it reminds me of this show called criminal minds (fantastic show btw) where they killed off a main character. it turns out that later, the character was very much alive and it was a ploy to lure the perpetrator out who wanted to kill her. only two of the main characters knew of this truth while the other main characters were left in the dark and actually thought she was dead. so as to not raise any suspicions. and i think this is exactly what’s happening.

    a dramatic entrance for fajar to come as a witness. noor, safiya, ethesham, and everyone are left in the dark but nasir and saim knows the truth and she probably is in a safe house.

    and finally the most telling clue would be srha asghar’s instagram highlights. it’s very telling 🙂

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