Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 13

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

Now, ever since the drama was announced, I knew there would be some significant changes in the plotline. For instance, Parizaad died in the novel, but I don’t think he would die in the drama. There were some new characters added for screen, and… Well… The adaptation isn’t entirely based on the novel.

This episode throws us all off track by bringing back a character from Parizaad’s past. So much has happened in this episode, I can’t even…

We have all loved Parizaad, every single episode of it. But this episode defies the “sagging middle” syndrome. I simply loved how a new subplot is introduced to engage the audience in the middle of the drama.



And a dozen other adjectives…

I won’t be spoiling the episode. Lately, some visitors are mighty miffed with my reviews. Just trying to be a little careful here.

Oh, and I also watched episode 4 of Amanat. Do watch it. Boy… It’s an overdose of Saboor today.


Off I go…


Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. You and me both then 🙂 I also forward her scenes. Parizaad is very entertaining, no doubt.

  2. Qudsia says:

    I forward her scenes… repetitive and loud !!! However I sort of liked this series and enjoy your reviews….

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