Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 14

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

Parizaad episode 14 written update and review

This episode starts at the police station. This whole track is so poorly executed. Even Nadiya Afghan, the polished actor fails to save the case. Long story short, police is unable to make any progress. Long story shorter, Badar Muneer is deemed incapable of solving the case.


Coming back to Parizaad, his conversation with Guru wasn’t as serious as the last scene of previous episode made it out to be. Parizaad is enjoying his stay at Guru’s adda. Asad Malik is so good as Guru. I would have this track better if it wasn’t for Saboor Ali. Why is she wearing a lipstick if she’s playing a hardened goon of sorts? Thoda to character mein rehna chahiye.


Feroz is worried that the police will find out about Laila’s murder. Behroz Kareem, on the other hand, doesn’t give a damn. He has resigned from this world now. Badar Muneer doesn’t lay down. She meets Behroz Kareem. The conversation is going well, but then IG calls and orders Badar to leave immediately. Noman Ejaz looks oh-so-handsome in that scene. I like how the male patriarchy is handled within the drama’s narrative.

“Main inko dikhana chahti hoon ki afsar sirf afsar hota hai, mard ya aurat nahin,” Badar Muneer says.

Parting Thoughts

I know I have said this before but there is no harm in repeating- Asad Malik is on point as Guru. His costume, his avatar, his dialogue delivery…terrific…

Let’s see what happens in the next episode.

A new drama Dobara is starting on Hum TV tomorrow. It stars Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas Khan. Are you excited to watch the drama? I know I am.

So long!

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  1. liza says:

    i can’t wait for BOTH dobara and ishq e laa… mega mega projects. YUMNA SAJAL AND BILAL AH what a string of stars. i’m so effing excited for team dobara and team ishq e laa

    1. Me too, although I’m more excited about Dobara than Ishq-e-Laa. Such big names, one gets her expectations high, you know 🙂 I hope the team delivers.

      1. Liza says:

        I feel ishq e laa has a better cast… Gulzar is coming back and sajal and yumna…. Even majid bhai from parizaad is in it.. and azaan sami khans debut looks promising as well

      2. My fear is that these two immensely talented actresses’ shouldn’t be wasted. You know what I mean? Awayin na le liya ho donon ko. There should be some meat for their roles.

      3. liza says:

        ah.. i think these two actresses have very different tracks in the drama so.. thats just my opinion. and seeing the high production value for ishq e laa.. im floating towards that.. so my expectations for IEL is much higher than dobara ahaha i have reservations about hadiqa kiani.. but the plot is very different which is mainly the reason why i wanna try dobara

      4. #metoo on reservations about Hadiqa Kiani. I mean, I love her voice, but I’m not sure if she could act. I have heard people go gaga about her acting chops. Today, we will see what IEL brings. tic toc tic toc until tonight 🙂

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