Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 17

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

Parizaad Episode 17 written review and rant

“Woh Sultan ibn-e Sultan thhe, main Ghulaam ibn-e Ghulaam.” Parizaad says.


Parizaad and Feroz are in the jail now, Central Jail, Karachi. It reminds me of my trip to Hyderabad. A long time ago, my company had sent me to Hyderabad for a short work-related trip. I had done some sight-seeing as well. One of the highlights was Ramoji Film City. The tour guide had shown us a lane where there are several central jails.

“You must have seen Bollywood movies where the hero exits one central jail, and enters another one. This is the place where they shoot such scenes,” he had said.

So, yeah, the scene made me walk through the memory lanes. Good times!

Akbar and Asghar find this the perfect opportunity to dismiss him from all the inheritance. Blood relations can be so greedy at times. Saeeda is the only one worried about Parizaad. Saleem promises to find about Parizaad.

Feroz is given capital punishment. It is saddening and maddening to see Parizaad lose another friend. Feroz parting wish was that Parizaad should get his brother Akbar to work for him. Donon ke bhai Akbar, haha!

Behroz Kareem has left the whole business to Parizaad. This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if you have read my review of Parizaad-the novel.

So, bhai is rich. Money has come to him, and so has attitude. The way he deals with many employees shows us that he is a changed man now. I’m sure in the five years of jail, he has learned to be the man who has monetary power. His attire has changed, but his body language has not. He doesn’t have slumped shoulders now, but he still walks a bit awkwardly. I would like to praise Ahmad Ali Akbar, yet another time, for his stellar performance. This guy has embodies the character so well.

Some thought about this episode

I simply loved how the jail scenes are shot. It’s so detailed, and if I’m not wrong, shot in a real jail. The best scene of this episode is when Feroz walks inside the phansi ka chamber. That expression on his face, it killed me a little.

My sister keeps asking me, “when is Yumna making her appearance?” She wants to start watching the drama only after Yumna comes. I guess now is the time that she joins the Parizaad viewers gang. Yumna may be part of the next episode. Looking forward to it.

Shabana Mukhtar


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  1. Sure… I watched the teaser, loved it. Teaser review on the way

  2. liza says:

    hi beautiful ! just wanted to ask if you’ve seen the new sinf e aahan trailer ? if you haven’t pleaseeee check it out !!!! and do your usual teaser review hehehe

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