Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 17

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here. The drama is quite different from the story itself, so don’t be disheartened by my review even if it has some spoilers.

A little recap of episode 16

Let it suffice to say that Murad is an abusive husband and this drama has become a pain to warch.

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 17 Written Review

In the story, Munni Khala likes Wamiq bhai. Now, we finally see that Mehrbano might have had feelings for Mehran.
Yeah, Mehran has gotten engaged to Maria.
And Murad continues to torture Mehrbano. Since they are in a public gathering, Murad is restricted to verbal abuses. Just before leaving, things get out of hand. Kaafi tamasha hua.
Noor asks Mehrbano, yet again, to go back to their house. Why is Mehrbano so adamant on giving her child Murad’s name? Itna abusive father hone se behtar hai ki this kid doesn’t know his father at all.
I will be honest. I skipped a few scenes between Mehrbano and Murad. There is a limit to the amount of torture I can see, and that limit has been crossed long time ago. I didn’t like rhis track in the short story this drama is based on, and I hate it on screen, you know, picture worth a thousand words and all.
Khushhal Khan and Mawra Hocane have done phenomenally well. Ahsan Khan and Mashal Khan are’t bad, either but dear God is it getting old and boring and uncomfortable.


 Mehran, Mehrbano, Murad and now Maria… What’s the M obsession? I read somewhere that not many characters should have names starting with the same alphabet. It confuses the reader. Doesn’t it apply to screen writing?

What to expect from episode 18?

Will Ayaz take a stand for Mehrbano already?

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