Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 5

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here. The drama is quite different from the story itself, so don’t be disheartened by my review even if it has some spoilers.

Qissa Meherbano Ka the latest episode is here.

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 5 Written Review


So, Murad is here. When professor tells Murad that he is written everything to Mehrbano’s name. Now, Murad needs money, loads of it, so he agrees for rukhsati.
Mehrbano refuses to go, but Mehrbano is left with no choice. But no… She talks to Murad, and categorically tells him that she doesn’t want to go with him. Strong, confident, assertive, I like her.
 Mehren comes to Mehrbano’s house, drags her out and instigates her to elope. This is the only reason that makes Mehrbano change her mind. I like her stance. Instead of listening to people assassinate her character, she chooses to be with the man who abandoned her for the past ten years.
Love the scene between father-daughter just before rukhsati.
Mehrbano isn’t welcome at Murad’s house as one would have expected.
I never thought I would say this but Ahsan Khan looks handsome and she has acted well.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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