Humsafar versus Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay

I watched Humsafar a long time ago, and I am rewatching it with my mom. Humsafar was Mahira Khan’s debut drama, and Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay is her comeback to television. It surprises me that the two dramas have striking similarities.

1. Mehreen and Khirad both are helpless

Yep, you heard me right. Both are helpless. Or, if I were to quote Alan from Two and Half Men.

I am a complete and utter failure.

They are not failures per se. They are both victims of their circumstances… and the fact that they do nothing to stop the abuse, Mehreen moreso than Khirad. 

2. A love triangle

Humsafar and HKKST both feature a love triangles, and the same is evident from the poster itself. Mehreen and Khirad, both break a one-sided relationship. Mashal and Sara both are in love with the guy while the guy doesn’t feel the same way.

3. The woman hatred

Sara hates Khirad, and Mashal hates Mehreen.

4. Blind trust in mother

Ashar listens to his mother’s lies and agrees without verifying anything. Aswad trusts every word Mashal says without even paying heed to what Saleha or Mehreen have to say.

5. The third corner dies

Sara dies, Mashal dies. The death brings a fervour in the lead pair’s lives, and it messes them up forever.

6. Jealousy factor plays an important role

Khirad had Khizar, and Mehreen has Safwan. And this jealousy factor plays an important role in progressing the plot.

7. Mahira is crying in both

Khirad cries when her mother dies or when Ashar leaves her or when Ashar confronts Fareeda towards the end. Mehreen cries like all the time.

8. The male lead keeps fans coming back.

Aswad and Ashar both are drop dead gorgeous. haha.

Before I sign off…

From 2011’s debut to 2021’s comeback, Mahira’s acting has not changed much, except she looks a bit different; she is older, she has put on some weight.

Mahira’s dialogue delivery hasn’t changed in all these years. It has been 10 years, and she still chews her words, her voice still drowns at the end of a sentence, and she is still annoying. Don’t hate me, I don’t like her acting. She might be a superstar, but I don’t have to like her for that.

It amazes me. I change the way I talk every few weeks. This girl is so consistent.

Anyway, so this is a list of all the similarities between Humsafar and Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thhay. What’s your take on these two dramas?

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I know… It takes time. Alright so i guess we wait until I watch dnutn and then we discuss it 🙂

  2. liza says:

    ahh !! i would really love too but then my urdu isn’t fluent because i don’t speak urdu… and i don’t think i’ll have the time to sit down and write a review 😅 although for the longest time i do want to write drama reviews

  3. Haha… Yeah… I hope I finish them soon…

  4. Daam I have watched long time back but didn’t review yet. Would you be interested in sharing your review of dnutn on my blog… Just plain community service 😉

  5. Liza says:

    Rightttt… well you have to watch them before lux style awards next year hehe and it’s sad Netflix removed facade dramas.. there are like 2 I think on zee5… daam and something else… I think dastaan is on yt tho

  6. both dramas (Raqeeb Se) and DNUTN are in my list. But I already have Humsafar and Raqs-e-Bismil in the backlog. Maybe 2022. I wanted to watch two old dramas of Fawad but can’t find them on youtube :S

  7. liza says:

    hmmm ohhh i see 😂 yeah it can get a little overwhelming at times, the history. but i don’t know something hooked me. i mean maybe because for once maya ali chose a strong character? and wahaj ali’s bengali

    and i haven’t watched mah e tammam i will give it a try… right now i’m watching dil na umeed toh nahi tho !! right now my goal is to finish watching all the good dramas of 2021 before i continue on dramas like amanat.

    oh and i also finished raqeeb se and the critics and viewers were right about hadiqa ji, that woman is just effing talented

  8. And wajah has always been the fav. I even watched one episode of mah e tamaam? Any comments? Should I watch more?

  9. I watched it, didn’t like it as much but then I don’t like history fiction like ever. Just like you, I’m in awe of the new face captain Farrukh. Just so you know I did watch it 😉

  10. liza says:

    hi dear !! completely agree w you on that. but i don’t agree on the mahira part, i agree that her dialogues and voice didn’t change but some people are like that… i have a few friends who hasn’t changed their talking style at all.

    anywho… you really HAVE to watch jo bichar gaye like bahot zyadati hai if like you watch dil e momin but not jo bichar gaye, literally every critic has loved JBG and you should give it a sure shot 🙂 if you have time of course but maya ali is great wahaj ali oof and there is a new actor, talha chahour and let’s just say he’s so amazing and just so hot

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