Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 8

A little recap from episode 7

Abid couldn’t marry Azka, thankfully. Azlan and Shanaya get married and are off to a honeymoon.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 8 written update and review

Azka’s track

Despite Azka’s protest, Kanwal tells Sultan that Abid has come to threaten them. Sultan loses his temper, barges in to Abid’s house, and puts Abid In his place.
Azka isn’t in your nikaah.
Azka gets fifth position in exams. Sultan goes out to get sweets and my heart stopped beating. Remember Faiz Ali in Deewar-e-Shab who went to get sweets and was hit by a car.
Nothing of this sort happens in this drama though. The family is happily distributing sweets to their neighbours. Something bad does happen. Abid stops Azka and teases her. This time, Kanwal comes to Azka’s rescue. It was such a heartwarming scene. A couple of episodes back, Sultan had seen Azka and Abid in a lane in a similar situation, and things had  blown up. This was a similar situation, but since Kanwal has had a positive change in her, things That little moment when Azka is relieved that Kanwal is by her side….bahot aala…

Shanaya’s track

The happily married couple come back. On the way back Azlan teases Shanaya about how much he misses his work. The bickering soon gets serious.
I don’t want to talk to you.
Later that night, Azlan pampers her and things get better.
Ishq ki raah mein sab se kathin marhala sabr hai.
Shanaya listens to professor Rehman. She’s expected to interview a politician Arbab Haroon. After the interview, she expresses her grief over the delay. Will this rub off the wrong way.
But when Shanaya is late from work he doesn’t forgive and doesn’t talk to her. That upsets Shanaya. Professor Rehman talks to Shanaya. Does his wise words affect Shanaya? We’ll have to wait and watch.

What to expect from episode 9?

Arbab Haroon wouldn’t sit quietly after that little spat after the interview.
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