Qarar | Episode 12

Maya and Salman talk. Of course, our self-centred heroine doesn’t care for Salman’s reasons. When she learns that Zaibunnisa will stay with them. She comes back to Siraj’s place. Ailing Siraj loses his calm again.

The inevitable happens, and Maya receives divorce papers. The whole family is devastated, of course; but Waseem Abbas and Seemi Pasha do a commendable job. Rabab Hashim, on the other hand, fails to emote any emotion correctly. She has this perpetually confused expression on her face.

Speaking of similar expressions, Salman, I mean Ali Safeena is always stoic.

Sanam Jung shines as usual as she depicts a range of emotions. It is not just that she possess terrific acting talent, but the writing also favours only her character. I say this because I also tend to focus only on the protagonists’ characters and ignore others. The writer of this drama and I, both need to learn our lesson in character development.

Anywho, Maya is now blaming Fareeha for everything that happened to her. Nadira is a changed woman now but she still asks Fareeha to leave for Maya’s sake. Selfishness at its peak.

Oh, by the way, Meekal is all set to make an appearance as Junaid I assume. Junaid, Ammar’s brother. Woohoo! I hope he is as good as I remember him from Baby (the Bollywood movie).

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Shabana Mukhtar

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