Mushk | Episode 23

Chhote Malak is hell bent on torturing Zulekha. I don’t endorse violence of any kind. Zulekha was no saint but she had a legit reason to hate Chhota Malak. Chhota Malak is so conniving. He even convinces his father that what he is doing is correct and justified.

Anywho! Guddi is also trying her best to stop the shit from happening. She calls Adam to inform Dr Rana; seeks help from Munna, Roshni and Roshni’s younger sister Aliya to find the keys to Zulekha’s room. They do get in, but Zulekha is missing. Ooh, more twists…

Chhota Malak meets Rana; Rana is prepared to meet him, thanks to Adam. Their conversation is still going on and nothing good comes of it. Not yet. I mean, so far, Rana

Adam then heads to meet Shayan. Adam is shocked to see Masooma.  Muqaddar Khan does not let Shayan meet Adam alone. How would Adam convey Mahek’s message to Shayan?

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Shabana Mukhtar