Qarar | Episode 14

Ammar and Junaid are already busy making list about their business. That bit is not relevant to the show so we only see a muted scene. Thank goodness. It would have been quite boring. This drama is boring as it is.

The sudden romance angle between Ammar and Fareeha is quite cute. 

Junaid buys a new house, a new car and the protagonists meet during a housewarming party. Just the two families are meeting. Things should go well, you would think but Maya and her poisonous thoughts ruin the mood yet again. 

Nadira is on a mission. She wants Maya to marry Junaid. It would be easy to do that, given that Nani has given Fareeha the freehand to choose a girl for Junaid. Nadira would pressurize Fareeha, we know that. 

Maya and Junaid look great together. It is fun to see Meekal and Sanam opposite each other. I think they were together in Subah Ka Sitara by Umera Ahmed. 

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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