Mushk | Episode 25

Remember Saquib? Roshni’s boyfriend? He’s back. While Chhota Malak has kidnapped Guddi so he could force her to marry her, Saquib meets Roshni to seek forgiveness. Roshni’s reply and acting both is brilliant. When she talks, she sounds like Sanam Jung. Good actor, this girl. I wouldn’t say that Riza Talish is a bad actor. Nepo kid, but he knows what he’s doing.

Poor Munna has told the truth to Chhota Malak who in turn has kidnapped Guddi. Munna knows that as well so he does what he does best – informs Adam.

Will Adam save Guddi?

Oh, please. We all know Adam will reach just in time, just like he did while saving Roshni from Madam Ruby.

Or not! He does save her but not before she cuts her wrist. Eow!

Chhota Malak doesn’t even pretend to stop Adam when he takes Guddi to the hospital. Guddi has lost blood.

Guddi has a noble heart and has a noble blood group: O negative.

But you know who else is noble? Adam, and he had a noble blood group, as well. We see a scene similar to that of Amar, Akbar, Anthony. Adam’s gives blood and it is directly given to Guddi. Facepalm. Blood transfusion doesn’t work that way, does it?

Back in the village, Shayan meets Mahek and Shahmeer. That scene is slow and melodramatic but Osama Tahir I superb, simply superb.

The episode ends as Adam comes home to confront Chhota Malak.

One more week for the finale episode.

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