Qarar | Episode 19

Maya continues to lie and Junaid continues to be a stupid zan-mureed.  Junaid even doubts that Ammar is trying to steal the business from Junaid. Oh, boy! 

I think now Ammar and Fareeha will leave the house, and Fareeha would resume her job at school. 

Jameela finally skills the bean and asks Fareeha to leave the house. But of course, run by convenience, this drama takes the most predictable turn. Before Jameela can tell the story, Maya interrupts the chat. She also fired Jameela. 

Ammar buys the grocery and poor chap doesn’t even have enough cash to buy stuff. And, then he refuses to eat dinner. How long will he fast? How long will he starve? Why can’t he ask Junaid for his salary? He is working day and night after all.

Read the second paragraph again. Fareeha meets her Principal and gets her job at the school. And yet, Nadira tells Fareeha that she should not have gotten her job back. 

On the other hand, Junaid kicks Ammar out of all the meetings. This is just too much. 

Who will fix things now? Fareeha or Ammar? 

Or Salman? 

Salman wants to meet Maya again. Once, he was a fan of how Fareeha fixed things between him and Maya. Will he do something for Fareeha?

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Shabana Mukhtar

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