Qarar | Episode 18

 Fareeha and Ammar try to talk to Junaid to postpone selling the house but neither know that Maya has forced Nani to sign the papers. This drama is super negative and super bad for my peace of mind. 

Nadira and Maya are showing their true colours shamelessly. Maya is pregnant and she openly accuses that Fareeha is jealous of the news. Woah, this is beyond everything else that she has done. I am waiting for the time when Fareeha would put her foot down and face Maya’s selfishness.

Maya is throwing tantrums and Junaid promises to do anything to make her happy. Golden opportunity for Maya who asks him to kick out Ammar and Fareeha. Also clap for Junaid and his stupidity. I never knew I could hate Sanam Jung but boy is she terrible in this drama. I am mean, she acts well but… 

Junaid refuses, he can’t ask Ammar to move out. So, Maya talks to Nani. Nani shouts but nobody hears. In the previous episode she had dropped a glass and Ammar and Fareeha has come running now convenient!

Jameela overhears this, Nani’s situation gets worse and she passes away. Will Jameela tell Fareeha and Ammar what Nani said before taking her last breath?

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