Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 183



Ayse is arguing with Kerim for no reason. 

That sentence is borrowed from the previous episode’s review. Because things are not progressing or changing at all. Both are hung up about the stupid psychology test during the employee wellness session. 

Talking about the wellness session, I want to say something. Our HR team is arranging such sessions since work from home has started. I have never attended these sessions because I find them useless. I assume they are useless. Instead, HR team should have given us a raise instead of wasting money on this. Just saying… Some money is worth more than some random dude talking about random stuff.

Anyways… Riza and Nazmiye are arguing again. Nazmiye wants Riza to leave the dance class while Riza wants Nazmiye to wear modest clothes. That tiff is supposed to be funny but it drags and feels annoying instead.

And, that is not the only annoying thing that happens. Ayse spies on Kerim’s phone because she is curious to know about Kerim’s secretive phone calls. Yeah, well done. Imagine if a man does that to his wife. Stupid, intruding, toxic, not ROMANTIC.

The episode ends as Ayse follows Kerim, and Riza follows Nazmiye. 

Seriously, what the hell?


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Until next episode, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar