Qarar | Episode 24

Nadira has forced Fareeha to visit Maya, which inevitably dekays Maya’s plan to meet Salman who is right outside the house.

Of course, Fareeha also checks Maya’s phone, because that’s so normal, right? That is so out of character.

Wait, there is more. She confronts Maya, even threatens to tell everybody everything.

I won’t even think about taya abbu this time.

Right outside, she runs into Junaid and says nothing.

What happened to this fall claims? Fattu nahin toh…

Junaid gives the cheque to Fareeha which she doesn’t accept, of course.

Let me go back and ask again. Why didn’t she say anything to Junaid? Is she crazy?

How to tie the lose ends? Plot conveniences… The old maid gets in touch with Ammar and tells him everything that nano said before passing away. Good, so now Ammar and Fareeha will reconcile.

Maya meets Salman while telling Junaid that she’s going to see her parents. Junaid goes there too, and guess what… Maya isn’t there. Oh, the drama… Junaid doesn’t tell anybody anything, either. Koi kuch bolta hi nahin….

Will Ammar tell Junaid everything? We will see.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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