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HUM TV is up with a new drama serial titled Chupke Chupke which will be airing during Ramazan. The other Ramzan Special drama is Taana Baana. Check out the cast and characters here.

Two seasons of Suno Chanda followed by another family romantic dramedy written by Saima Akram Chaudhary, with a huge star ensemble cast and direction by a talented and funny director. Earlier it was Ahsun Talish; now it is Danish Nawaz.

That is the formula HUM TV has for ramzan special. Let’s see if this formula works this time.

Anywho! Let’s get started.


Nawab Family Senior Dadi Nek Parwar

Asma Abbas as Nek Parwar badi dadi

The head of the family, first wife of late Mr Nawab

Ayeza Khan as Maneeha Kifayat aka Meenu

Third year student failing every year. She has no interest in studies, and is clumsy AF.

Farhan Ali Agha as Kifayat

Meenu and Mirchi’s father, Kaneez’s husband

Tara Mehmood as Kaneez

Meenu and Mirchi’s mother, Kifayat’s wife

Areesha Sultan as Maneeba Kifayat aka Mirchi

Meenu’s younger sister and partner in crime.


Nek Parwar’s older son, he has passed away.


Kamil’s wife, Haadi and Waleed’s mother

CBA… I mean… Arslan Naseet as Haadi Kamil 

Yep, Arslan Naseer of Comics By Arslan is debuting in this Ramzan Special drama. By his own admission, he loved Suno Chanda and was thrilled to work in a project written by Saima Akram Chaudhary.

He plays Haadi, Kamil’s older son. He doesn’t want to work at the poultry farm. He is not ready to get a 9-5 job. He wants a luxurious life for doing nothing. Great idea, but that doesn’t work IRL, does it? 

Adeel Aadi Khan  as Waleed

Kamil’s younger son, Haadi’s younger brother. He plays cricket and aspires to play under nineteen. He looks much older through. 

Nawab Family Junior Dadi Bakhto

Uzma Beg as Nek Bakht aka Dadi Bakhto aka Amma

Nawab saheb’s second wife. Faazi’s grandma. 

Osman Khalid Butt as Faazi Ibrahim

Tall, fair, and handsome. He is getting over-aged and is eager to get married. Works at a pesticide firm and hates his job but hey, that earns him an income.

He has high standards, especially when it comes to marriage. He wants a girl who is cultured and sober and likes to read. He is also very strict for his younger siblings and cousins. OB doesn’t look like a strict guy but the role suits him. He is so handsome!!!!

He has seen 30 girls so far. Correction, his family has. And, they reject the girl for various reasons. The reasons come from his grandmother, or his overbearing elder sister Gul (twin sister by a minute), and two younger sisters Rumi and Mishi.

Mira Sethi as Gul-e-Rana aka Gul aapa aka minute aapa 

Faazil’s overbearing twin sister Gul (elder sister by a minute). She is married to her mamu-zad Miskeen. She doesn’t treat him well primarily because of her bossy nature and secondarily because Miskeen is very Miskeen and it is hard to not exploit him.

Hira Soomro as Rameen aka Rumi

Faazil’s second sister, married to Armaan. We don’t see much of her in-laws.

Aymen Saleem as Rameesha aka Mishi

Faazi’s younger sister, likes Haadi but never tells anyone . She has weak eyesight and is apparently miffed with it. She wears lenses instead.

Ali Safina as Miskeen Ali

Ghar damaad, Gul’s mamuzad cousin who was forced to marry Gul when her father passed away. He calls her ‘Sarkar’.



Shahryar Zaidi

Faazil’s fiancée Haniya’s father

Salma Asim

Haniya and Ashar’s mother

Mani as Armaan aka Mani

Yet to make an appearance. I’m guessing he will play Armaan aka Mani, Rumi’s husband

Naziya Hussain as Mai Choo Mantar

A fake aamil who steal from Faazil’s family

Ayesha Mirza

Sidra Nyazi as Haniya

Faazi’s fiancée

Salma Zafar

Yet to make appearances

Arsalan Butt as Ash’ar

Meenu’s fiancé

Arisha Razi as Jannat

Waleed’s girlfriend

Parting Thoughts

I wasn’t too keen on seeing it even though it debuts Arslan, a YouTuber whose content I admire a lot. After Suno Chanda, I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth in terms of romantic comedy. Comedy was plenty, but romance… And Iqra is so annoying… 

Now, I am thinking I will give it a try. There is such a thing called content marketing, right?

But, we know that the treatment would be a little different. When too many comedians come together, the seriousness and the nuance goes for a toss. At least that is my initial feeling for the drama.

Most of the cast, even the house is same. This is Suno Chanda Season 3 with a different family, in short.

I also don’t like the poster. It doesn’t have the usual rom-com vibe. This is more like three couples like Ehd-e-Wafa poster – three couples on the photo. Of late, all posters show couples standing next to each other in all black and all blue attires. Don’t much like the trend.

Until next time, stay safe. 


Corona se kisko rastgari hai

Aaj woh, kal hamari baari hai.

Shabana Mukhtar


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