Qarar | Episode 26


Junaid meets Fareeha and gives her the cheque – Ammar’s five months’ salary. Itna late, ab kya fayeda. Too little, too late.

Ammar also begins to throw tantrums at Fareeha. He doubts her, again. He even asks her to leave the house. Who is this man? I thought that chapter was over. What is this drama? I still regret the time when I started watching this drama.

So, Maya has an abortion. She isn’t home and Junaid calls Nadira to remind Maya of the doctor’s appointment. Of course, he assumes that she’s with her parents. It is Rana who spots Salman leaving a gynaecologist’s clinic. She tells Fareeha. Nadira also calls Fareeha. It isn’t hard to put two and two together.

Maya knows that Salman did this intentionally. And yet, she hasn’t changed. She puts on makeup and leaves. What a horrible character she is. All these characters are awful, even Fareeha. Nobody is that good these days.

It is hard to tell what’s going on in Maya’s head. But I bet it will be the ultimate twist that this dragging drama has to offer.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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