Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 19 Review



Meenu and Faazi arrive at bade Nawab’s room. Gul charges Amma and she also arrives at the scene..Bebe and Amma


Meenu ki rukhsati abhi hogi. Warna use farigh kar.

Meenu will be sent off now. Else divorce her now.


Long story short, Faaz says yes. Bade Nawab brings the bride home. The three sisters-in-law are shocked. Kifayat doesn’t mind because he doesn’t have to spend a single paisa now.


Gul and Rumi are shocked but at least Mishi should have been happy and supportive. Don’t you think? Perhaps, she is too scared to say a word.


Gul locks Faazi in a room just so he wouldn’t be able to meet Meenu. Mirchi comes to meet Meenu but Gul sends her back, saying she can report her to the police.


And, she does. Nobody knows that she isn’t home.


Back home, Meenu is hungry and Miskeen unlocks the room so Faazi can come to his room. Miskeen isn’t as bad as I thought himself to be. He is quietly supportive of the couple.


Haadi and Mishi fight again but Mishi also realizes that they haven’t treated Meenu well. When Waleed brings the tiffin for Mishi, it doesn’t paint a good picture.


Haadi admits his feeling for Mishi but Waleed asks a valid question – how will you be rid of Natasha?


The episode ends as Faazi refuses to yield to Gul.


“I wouldn’t leave her. She is my honour now. (Ab woh meri izzat hai.)”

When will they learn about Mirchi’s whereabouts?

Parting Thoughts

I have a bone to pick here. Faazi is so spineless. He is scared of his sister and what his family will say. Despite being annoyed by their stupid acts, he cannot take a stand. Haadi and Waleed, on many occasions, step up and suggest ways to resolve things with Meenu. Faazi, however, cannot think of anything.

Meenu is supposedly young and naïve and childish, but Faazi is older and wiser and mature. Why does he behave like a kid?

So, the Rukhsati is done. Why are they both so effing upset about it?

Wait till the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar