Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 18 Review

So, Meenu has a road accident. Back home, everyone thinks that Meenu and Faazi have eloped. Faazi’s phone’s battery is dead, and his car’s battery is also dead, plot convenience. Both families are ready to file an FIR. This is bad, so bad. This will either be very upsetting or lead to some comedy. Either way, I don’t have a good feeling.


Neeli’s arm is broken but Meenu is unscathed. Neeli now wants to fire an FIR against the autowalah. I think they will also run into the two dadis.


Miskeen stands up for the couple, and the SHO refuses to file FIR against a married couple.


Faazi arrives home. Kifayat and Gul yell at her and send him to the police station. Meenu and Neeli also arrive. And then, Qavi Khan makes entry as bade Nawab Sahab. SHO self-invites himself for the wedding. Whatta drama!


Bade Nawab take a class and admonishes Bebe, Amma and Gul.


After doing all the drama, Haadi is now off to apologize to everyone. He takes Mishi out to repair her frame. He buys three new frames for her. We also have that “bhai waah” moment we all have been waiting for.

When they are back, Kishwar yells at Mishi. Haadi has to apologize all over again.


The episode ends as bade abba picks Jannat’s call. Haw! Ab kya hoga?


This whole episode feels like a drag until that police station drama was over. I don’t think it was funny. It also lacked romance, which I was looking forward to.


So long!


Shabana Mukhtar