Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 17 Review



Alright, so we start from the point where Gul gets hit by a stone that Meenu threw to get Faazi’s attention. Finally does talk to her. Meenu taunts him that he has no guts and can do nothing. The taunt hits hard. Faazi has a plan to prove Meenu wrong.

Haadi talks to Bebe. He has a genius plan. He suggests to do watta-satta: him with Mishi and Meenu with Faazi. Bebe doesn’t listen though. Haadi, in turn shows his anger on Mishi.

That’s not all. He sees Faazi stepping out of Meenu’s room and kicks him out of the house. What happens inside Meenu’s room is only worth watching. It is Saima Akram Chaudhary’s trademark romantic comic scene.

Haadi is on a roll. He overhears Waleed talking to Jannat. He yells at Jannat at first, and then at Waleed. He realizes his mistake very soon. He apologizes to Waleed first. He should have spoken to Faazi first. The way he spoke to Faazi was pretty rude.

Anywho… After some drama, Faazi drops Meenu at her friend Neeli. Meenu has left her phone home and on the way back, Meenu and Neeli get into an accident.

Oh, my!

I don’t want to watch the next episode.

On a side note, the costumes and wardrobes are very cool for all the characters. Especially, Ayeza’s wardrobe is to die for. I think she brings her own clothes. I think everyone uses their own stuff. Arslan has definitely wore a few shirts. I see his channel very often and identify a few shirts.

Until next review, remember me in prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar