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Saeedabad Ki Saeeda, an exciting new telefilm about an ordinary girl who leads a mediocre life suddenly gets struck with good fortune!

Cast & Characters

Hareem Farooq as Saeeda

The protagonist

Mehmood Aslam as Mirza Liaqat

Azfar Rehman as Saleem

Saeeda’s neighbour, and a goon. He is supposed to be a hero, but his acts are nothing heroic

Saifi Hassan

Saleem’s father, doesn’t like that Saleem doesn’t do anything. He runs a general store.

Saba Faisal

Saleem’s loving mother who has spoiler her son no limits. She’s probably the reason why Saleem is the way he is.

Mehrunnisa as Laraib

Saeeda’s cousin, phupho ki ladki, she lives in Dubai


Saeeda’s cousin, Laraib’s older brother, runs a software house

Chaudhry Rashid

Saleem’s luchha friend and partner in crime


Plot Summary

Saleem and his friend keep teasing Saeeda and her father. This teasing often borders on torment and harassment.

When Laraib comes from Dubai to spend a week with her mamu Mirza and Saeeda, she learns about Saleem and how he has tormented Saeeda. She decides to help Saeeda get even with Saleem. She teaches both Saleem and Rashid a lesson. They try to flirt with Laraib while she slaps them both.

Mirza and Saeeda won a 3 crore rupees lottery. And thus the fun begins.

Saleem and Rashid try to woo Saeeda at on ce. Saeeda fools both Saleem and Rashid, whilst also pushing them apart. The story follows a predictable path leading to a very predictable end.


I think we should draw a line between what’s funny and what’s not. I mean, sure, comedy is subjective but throwing water on someone who hasn’t done anything to you is not funny. In fact, in today’s day and age, it might even constitute to harassment. I expected a rom-com as usual eid special telefilm recipe and this was not comic, not at all, barring the banter between Saleem’s parents.

What Saleem and Rashid did to Mirza and Saeeda was wrong, what Saeeda did to them was also not right. I guess my definition of comedy has changed.

But this telefilm has its moments.

Generally, we see the parents fighting over whose niece is worthy to be their daughter-in-law, but in this one, they both try to choose the other one because they both know their son is good for nothing. I liked this subversion of the trope.

It wasn’t as funny as Eid telefilms are, and I didn’t enjoy it much.


Saleem, I hated that character with so much passion. It didn’t help that Azfar Rehman was playing the role. I have never really liked him, I can’t tell why. I just don’t know.

Mehrunnisa was a delight to watch. I have seen her as Alishba in Ishqiya and then as Fari’s bhabhi in Qissa Meherbano Ka, but this was a fun role. I’m impressed.

Hareem has known her way in front of the camera. Whether it’s Mere Humdum Mere Dost or Dobara Phir Se, and in this role also she has done full justice to her role.

It is Saifi bhai who stands out, though. I just love this man. He’s so effortlessly charming and the screen literally lights up when he is in the frame. So so good.


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