Haqeeqat | Episode 1 | Daghabaaz


Writer: Kiran Khan
Director: Abdullah Badini
Channel: APLUS


Kinza Hashmi as Anaa

Self-centred, talkative, likes to spend money and do makeup. In short, chadar dekh kar pair phailana nahin seekha hai.


Anaa’s elder sister. She works and dies homely chores, too.


Wahaj Ali as Asif

A widower and Mona’s colleague.



The episode begins as Anaa is readying for college. Who applies so much make-up for college?

Her elder sister Mona is getting ready for office and yet Anaa complains that she wanted paratha for breakfast. Anyway, we see a glimpse of how both sisters are.

Asif, Mona’s colleague is promoted and throws a party for celebration. He comes home to drop Mona and Anaa talks freely with him.

Asif doesn’t waste much time as he visits them in the very next scene. Anaa sees his car and starts to drool over it.

Asif has brought a bouquet and without hesitating about Anaa’s presence, gives Mona a ring.


The expressions on Anaa’s face tell us that she feels more jealousy and awe than being happy for her sister.


That night she steals Mona’s phone, to find his phone number, of course.

As Asif doesn’t have anything better to do, he comes to their house in Sunday, again. Mona is at her khala’s place, so Anaa has all the opportunity to ruin things for her own sister. She spills water on Asif and insists on cleaning it up.


She offers herself as an alternate, boldly, bluntly, shamelessly.

میں آپ کی سالی نہیں گھر والی بھی ہو سکتی ہوں۔

Most predictably, she fabricates stories about Mona’s unstable mental state. During all the conversation, they are holding hands. So, we know Asif wouldn’t mind being with her.

Mona goes to a wedding and Asif comes home. Because, he has nothing better to do.

The drama is still on, as Anaa lies that Mona left her alone even though she is unwell. Again, she insists that Asif should choose her over Mona. She gets upset when Asif says no and runs to her room. We see him going into her bedroom. *Fade to black*

The next morning Mona finds his wrist watch on her bed. She is heartbroken but neither Asif not Anaa feel any remorse.  Mona returns the ring and Anaa eagerly wears it.

4 years later

Salman, Anaa and Asif’s son is crying and Anaa is yelling at her maid Palwasha. By the way, why is it that the dramas show maids with dupatta wrapped around their head but nobody else (okay, very few) wear it?


She doesn’t take calls from Mona and doesn’t want to meet her again. Anaa wasn’t much of a saint earilier. But now, she has turned into a full blown bitch who is arrogant and loud and greedy and a show-off.

Palwasha drops a glass and Anaa loses her temper. When Asif asks her to calm down, she questions his intentions. Good call, you should question him. Especially, since you know the man has no self-restraint.

Asif comes unannounced to Palwasha’s room. She has fever and he has brought medicines.

  • Bhai, first of all, you entered her room without her persmission. Aise kaun karta hai?
  • How do you know she has fever?
  • Who sleeps without locking the room?


Anaa is out for her modern wives party, leaving Asif and Palwasha at home. The son is conveniently out of picture. He doesn’t cry nor do either of them care about where he is.

Palwasha drops a plate. Behen, dhyan se kaam karo. Roz bartan toRogi toh daant to paRegi na.

Since there is nobody to interrupt, Palwasha thanks Asif for bringing medicie for her. Awnnn! Asif claims that he is doing it for insaaniyat.

Wow! Really?

No, the next moment be holds her hand and she sits next to him.

She says, “you’re a nice person.”

He says, “you’re nothing short of a princess.”

*Slow clap*

Anaa comes home, asks Asif for 5 lakhs rupees and goes out again. It gives them another golden. Chalo, great. Palwasha and Asif both are happy.

But somehow, Anaa gets suspicious and one night, she catches them red-handed.


She questions them both, abusing them. So, Asif tells her that he will marry Palwasha.

Anaa demands, “how could you betray me?”

Asif says, “just as you did Mona.”



It is a short, fast paced and highly predictable story. It has nothing new to offer. I mean ‘greedy and selfish younger’ and ‘giving elder sister’ is done to death.

Also, the scenes jump from one to another without a smooth transition. A lot is left for the viewer to interpret.

For instance, Palwasha is in a different room and in stylish clothes and hairstyle. So, we should assume that Asif has moved her there and has bought stuff for her. Even in the beginning, there is nothing else happening except Anaa and Asif’s scene one after the other.

Anaa is greedy and attracted to wealthy people. That is established in all of two scenes. Even after marriage, she’s only worried about diamond rings and prices of everything.

I don’t know why Anaa looks like the villain here. Asif is the bigger culprit. The man has absolutely no self-restaint and zero control. Why does he talk to Anaa as if it was completely her fault that she stole her from Mona?

Let’s discuss performances. There was little room to perform and no actor gave any outstanding performance.

Kinza wore too much make-up. She’s pretty without that too.

Wahaj looks more handsome than in Ehd-e-Wafa. You should totally check out that drama. It is currently the best drama being aired.

Shabana Mukhtar

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