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My Introduction to Aliya Bukhari

I can’t say when I started reading her, but the first novel that shook me enough to take notice was Khwab Saraye. I read that novel, and could not come out of the trance for almost a week. Yep, that’s the power of Aliya’s writing.

Aliya Bukhari’s Writing Style

Aliya Bukhari doesn’t write novels. She writes epics and creates a million characters. There are parallel plots and storylines that develop with each scene. She brings them together, eventually. Her narrative engages you so well that it takes a few days to detach yourself from that universe. It breaks your heart.

Okay, so one may argue that Umera Ahmed and Nemrah Ahmed also do that well. Breaking Readers’ Heart is one of the elements included in Nemrah’s outline of an episode. But Aliya goes a step ahead. She will crush your hopes and positivity and you stop believing in humanity. It takes forever to get over the trauma. In the meantime, you cry, you mourn and curse yourself for letting yourself through such pain.

I would say that’s her art of storytelling. Kudos!

The only problem (No offence)

There is something I struggle with when I read Aliya Bukhari. I strongly feel that the pain and anguish her characters endure are more memorable than the characters themselves. For instance, when I read a story written by Umera Ahmed, her characters leave an everlasting impression. I vividly remember the first Umera Ahmed story I read – Abhi Tou Maat Baaqi Hai. I remember some dialogues, majority of the scenes and all the characters.

Even though her characters are just as powerful – from Book Review: Deewar-e-Shab By Aliya Bukhari who stay optimistic in the worst of situations; to selfish Khayyam (Deewar-e-Shab) and Diya (Khwab Saraye) who lives in an idealistic world; or Sania (Khwab Saraye) and Gaiti Aara (Deewar-e-Shab) who is brave and accept the reality on as-is basis, we empathize with those characters and understand their point of view, without necessarily agreeing to it.

The narration, the characters, the universe will completely engage you and make you one of them. I lived, breathed and suffered with each of them. Aliya’s writing is one of the most engrossing reads and more engaging experiences ever.

Despite all of the shit that happens in her novels, there is a happily ever after. Things do get resolves towards the end.

Parting Thoughts

Read her work, you will be entertained. It takes you to another universe. It will be better if you’re emotionally strong and have ability to detach yourself from fiction. I cannot do that easily, my bad.

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Happy reading!
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